Universal Custom Display partnered with Sweet Factory Corporate for a total rebranding.  They hired UCD for their “turn-key-approach” to design, build and install Sweet Factory’s new concepts.

Using inspiration received, UCD worked with their own designer to make Sweet Factory’s concepts become a reality. Together, they worked to make the unique pieces possible – truly a matter of form to function, such as finding a way to make lights look like rock candy or hang multi-colored gears to give the appearance they were turning above. UCD made sure that the Sweet Factory brand was built into every component on this store.

During this massive undertaking and rebranding, Universal Custom Display acted as a one-stop-shop for all the customer’s needs. Not only did UCD work on design, but they handled all fabrication and installation of the various components within this store. This included the furnishing, finishing and installing of all the interior fixtures, as well as installing the white gloss panels, hanging gears, upper glass front and storefront.

UCD’s ability to provide full service has allowed for their continued partnership with Sweet Factory Corporate to this day.

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