The Elk Grove, CA manufacturing facility has state of the art equipment, 8 loading docks, and is 18 years old. UCD owns the plant and designed the production layout.

Facility Equipment Includes:

  • 7×14 Homag BOF Optimat twin table/twin head CNC router
  • 4×10 Weeke model BHC 550 CNC router
  • 4×8 Holz-Her ECO-MASTER CNC router
  • Giben Beam iCon Fast panel saw (14’ rip capability)
  • Homag Ambition 2262 CNC edge bander
  • Automated profile contour bander
  • Automatic SCMI wide belt sander
  • Cantek 43” three head planer sander
  • Heavy duty planer
  • 7500 sq. ft. In-line Spray System (stain, lacquering, and painting)
  • Cefla Automated Flat-line Finisher
  • Vacuum-Former: two stations with machining group of band saw, trimming tables, etc.
  • Thermo-forming heat tables (acrylic fabrication)
  • Thermo-forming oven (acrylic fab)
  • Metal fabrication station for prototyping
  • 120 HP of compressed air