Universal Custom Display`s team of experienced designers, engineers, and production professionals cost-effectively blend form and function with design. UCD specializes in creating unique and imaginative retail environments using a symphony of woods (millwork), metals, melamine, and acrylic materials.

UCD partners with various domestic and international partners to create the most economical solution for the clients’ specific metal needs. One of the many options UCD offers is importing metal components in conjunction with domestic millwork production to create the most economical solution for our clients.

For over 15 years Universal Custom Display has been aligned with several Chinese manufacturers, and now Latin American partners, to provide overseas import capabilities. This partnership enables UCD to manage all aspects of importation providing customers with flexibility, excellent service/quality, and best possible pricing.

In addition to our international partners, we have a reliable group of domestic resources we use for metal sourcing. This allows UCD to satisfy any metal project no matter the timeline and budget required.