I was fortunate in that Universal Custom Display was a See’s Candies vendor when I joined See’s back in 2011. My mission was to expand See’s Candies by doubling the amount of shops throughout the country back in 2011. I knew then that I would need a strong team of excellent and top performing vendors to accomplish our goals. Although our company’s expansion plans were tweaked, I still managed the construction of over 80 new See’s Candy Shops and heavily depended on the professionalism and accuracy of UCD during the past ten years. Throughout my career, I have learned to respect loyal and dependable teammates such as UCD. There have been many occasions where UCD’s talented staff has made me look good in the eyes of our Executive Staff, Landlords and Inspectors. I greatly appreciate them all for being there for me. Thank you UCD for your loyalty and expertise. We have many more shops to build in the next decade. Thank you!

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