In the last year, UCD has made extensive investments in amazing new technology that will help fill orders faster and more efficiently than ever before. One of our most important and practical additions has been the Anderson Stratos CNC Router with MLS bunk system. While that might sound impressive, what is it exactly?

A CNC Router is used universally for industrial “saw” to put it simply. These are used in a variety of industries including sign making, cabinets, aerospace, furniture and even guitar making. The powerful machine can cut plastics, wood, acrylics, aluminum, solid surfaces, metal and so much more. They’re known for their accuracy, speed and power and can take a business to the next level.

In layman’s terms, this top of the line machine is designed to cut cabinets and varieties of other materials that will drastically increase our throughput of goods. This means shorter lead times and faster delivery for every project. The UCD commitment to utilizing the latest technology and equipment has led to the Anderson Astros CNS Router.

Our new machine features:

  • Self-loading of up to four separate units of sheet stock up to 5×12
  • A custom 50 drill block
  • Self-feeding with label printing
  • Improved accuracy and precious milling
  • Ideal for cabinetry, point of purchase displays, and large volume millwork projects

As we grow and adapt to the changing times, staying savvy in the latest industry technology and standards is an essential part of our business model. With each new investment, UCD has the capability to level up its ability to create beautiful, top of the line pieces.

While we grow, acquire new equipment and continue to excel, we’ll always share our exciting milestones! Each new investment is always an investment in the bottom line of those that we serve.

Check out the video to see our new Anderson Stratos CNC router with MLS bunk system, in action!