We have big news: we’ve got all new equipment!

This past year has been a whirlwind of growth. During the COVID pandemic, UCD pivoted rapidly and became a global supplier of acrylic sneeze guards. In this, we decided it was time we rebranded as a company. Rebranding doesn’t only mean we’re getting a new logo!

We have a national presence dating back to 1999 and it finally felt like the right time to give our brand (and our fabrication operation!) a facelift. We have made significant investments into new technology and personnel that will allow us to fill your orders faster and more efficiently than ever before. In addition to the new people, new ideas and new equipment- we also look prettier! Our bold colors and unique brand is getting a full blown revamp and we’re so excited to share the new aesthetics and cool updates.

While the past year has been a tough go for many of us, UCD is fully dedicated to helping the world at large with the services we offer. We are fully committed to utilizing our resources to provide safety equipment and other products that are a necessity. Our goal of providing excellence on a large scale and fulfilling our commitments to customers across the globe is still completely intact, no major modifications needed. Our growth and investments are reflective of our commitment to continuing evolution and providing ways to service our customers any way that we can.

So many of our customers have come to rely on us as their one-stop shop. We are so happy to continue to provide excellent service on an even bigger scale. In growing, we hope our ideas, suppliers, clients and employees all grow with us and we get through the next years, together and better than ever.

Check out the video to get a better look inside UCD’s headquarters: